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csshX is a tool to allow simultaneous control of multiple SSH sessions. csshX will attempt to create an SSH session to each remote host in separate windows. A master window will also be created. All keyboard input in the master will be sent to all the slave windows.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 May 2010 07:31

    Release Notes: Dragging the bounds window between spaces now works. This is implemented using embedded Ruby since there was no simple way to do it in Perl. A crash when opening windows to hosts that failed was fixed. The coloring of windows in select/enable/disable mode was reworked. Those rare cases where the color was not reset should be fixed. The application is now much faster at opening windows. Some nasty AppleEvents code has helped grab control of the opened window faster. A space command line option (and equivalent config command) was added for opening csshX windows in a particular space.

    •  31 Mar 2010 00:48

      Release Notes: New features include host and subnet ranges, ping testing of hosts before attempting to connect, sorting terminals by hostname, zooming a single terminal to "full screen" key binding, an "enable next terminal" key binding, the ability to "send slaveid" (a guaranteed unique ID) to a terminal, and a check for users with odd shell settings in A work-around for 10.6 64-bit was added. Window placement was improved to result in fewer overlaps. The system stty is used instead of macports. Handling of terminal color changes was improved. Lots of typographical errors and spelling mistakes were fixed in the documentation.


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