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cssh (Concurrent SSH)

pssh and shmux have some customization issues, like inflexible IPs/hostnames specification, simultaneously spawning threads for all hosts (pssh), which is a problem with many hosts, or having to download/upload files with a separate command. was written to resolve such problems. It has a fixed (configurable) length queue of active SSH threads, the ability to specify IPs/hostnames in 3 ways, configurable username, password, and SSH port per host, simultaneous download and upload of files/directories (using a built-in SCP implementation), again with configurable queue length, the ability to upload and execute a script with one switch, and many other useful options, like additional saving cmd outputs in a separate file for each machine (-d output_dir), or suppressing printing out hosts for which a given command produced no output (-b).

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25 Jan 2012 17:22 amcnabb

I haven't tried cssh yet, and I'm sure it's great, but I would like to point out an inaccurate comment in the project description: PSSH does not spawn threads for all hosts. It runs with a fixed number of threads (1 to 2), and the number of ssh processes to spawn concurrently is configurable with a command-line option.

PSSH has an active mailing list and issue tracker, where any discussion of feature request is always welcome. It sounds like cssh has some great features, and collaboration is always welcome.


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