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14 Feb 2013 04:05 twickline

CrossOver 12.1.1 has been released details can be found here :

20 Dec 2012 14:05 twickline

CodeWeavers is having a 30% off sale, just use Solstice2012 as your dealcode in their store. This dealcode is valid until 12/23/2012 after the 23rd you can use CxForMe and save 15% off any product.

Spread the love and let your family and friends know about the dealcodes.

20 Feb 2012 16:02 twickline

Codeweavers offers downloads of its Crossover Games for $39.95 and Crossover Professional for $69.95 but if you apply coupon code "CrossOverNow" this will drop CrossOver Games to $27.96 And Crossover Professional to $48.96 That's 30% off the normal retail selling price.

Just enter CrossOVerNow in their store's dealcode section and save 30% off any CodeWeavers Product for Mac!

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27 Jan 2011 15:49 twickline

CrossOver 10 has been released see :

31 Aug 2001 10:46 laxdragon

Newsforge Review
Newsforge has posted a review for CrossOver. You
can read it [<a


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Project Spotlight


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