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Change Password Utility

Change Password Utility (CPU) gives system administrators the ability to administer users and groups on a wide range of backends, currently including LDAP and flat files. Simply, CPU is for user and group administration. The commandline is almost completely compatible with existing Linux user and group management tools, so it can easily be dropped in place. It supports several different hashing algorithms and allows existing users to be imported from Unix-style passwd and shadow files into the backend of your choice.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Jan 2004 07:30

    Release Notes: This release fixes several segfaults on FreeBSD and Solaris. It no longer ignores values for shadow entries. It features the ability to specify post-useradd and post-userdel scripts, and the ability to override configuration values with the environment. It increases speed with densely populated LDAP directories, and now prevents users from logging into locked accounts via SSH with public key authentication.

    •  22 Sep 2003 10:00

      Release Notes: It is now possible to violate POSIX naming conventions (for use with Samba) with the -o switch. User operations now work exactly the same way as the GNU shadow-utils with respect to groups. When a user is deleted they are now removed from any secondary groups they were in. When a user's secondary groups are modified, they are removed from old secondary groups and added to new secondary groups. When a user's primary group is changed they are no longer added to that group via a memberUid. Several bugfixes were also made.

      •  15 Sep 2003 20:20

        Release Notes: LDAPv3 and LDAPv2 support. Account locking and unlocking. Separate group and user common names. Bugfixes.

        •  16 May 2003 20:54

          Release Notes: TLS for LDAP has been added. There are also lots of bugfixes, POSIX support for user and group names, and LDIF support for additional user attributes.

          •  18 Feb 2003 12:38

            Release Notes: The program was completely rewritten and now includes a random password generator and optional cracklib password checking. The cat function now displays groups as well as users. When specifying the -G group1,group2,... option during an LDAP useradd, CPU will search for those groups in the directory and add the user to those groups.


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