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CPPSERV is a Web application server / servlet container that provides a Servlet-like API to C++. It also contains CSP (C++ Server Pages) functionality, similar to pre-compiled JSP. It consists of stand-alone application server and Web server front-ends. Modules for Apache and lighttpd are available.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 May 2011 12:58

    Release Notes: Some of the functionality (like the thread pool implementation) was moved out to the SPTK library and generalized. Lots of small fixes were done to make sure CPPSERV works with latest toolchain. A bunch of bugs were fixed. Among new major features is support for flow control in with CSP tags. Now you can use , , and instead of ugly <% if(...) { %> constructs.

    •  11 Aug 2009 14:52

      Release Notes: Fixes for compile problems with gcc 4.4.

      •  13 Jun 2009 21:33

        Release Notes: This release fixes compilation errors with --as-needed in LDFLAGS.

        •  19 May 2009 12:13

          Release Notes: This release is a simple bugfix to the CSP parser. The white space inside of CSP comments is now also removed from final output.

          •  11 May 2009 15:37

            Release Notes: This release includes a build system update, stack trace readability improvements, and removal of the PID file on exit to simplify some wrapper scripts.


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