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Cute PHP Library

Cute PHP library is a small collection of classes for PHP. The purpose of the classes is to simplify functions for daily work with PHP (e.g. conversions, formatting, DB session, and so on).


Recent releases

  •  26 May 2006 08:41

    Release Notes: Small bugfixes were made. Some methods have been added.

    •  11 Nov 2005 15:29

      Release Notes: Formula processing has been integrated. A mod_rewrite name converter function has been added. dbsession reloading has been fixed. A table_header function has been added.

      •  31 May 2005 18:29

        Release Notes: Documentation updates (phpDocumentor compatible), PHP5 compatibility, and many small add-ons and fixes.

        •  25 Aug 2004 10:48

          Release Notes: This release features a security fix in regular expressions, a rewrite of checkPassword, and some small cleanups.

          •  18 Apr 2004 20:46

            Release Notes: A dbsession bug has been fixed. There are function cleanups and improvements.

            Recent comments

            11 Nov 2005 10:41 esokullu

            Re: Took one look at the code and hated it.
            I liked it; great piece of software; not everyone needs OO code.

            28 Jan 2002 04:09 Guss

            Took one look at the code and hated it.
            Complete disregard to common coding practices, like meaningful variable names (could you tell me what $p1 and $p2 do just by looking at the name), complete disregard for common PHP practices (uses print + exit instead of die, has weird comment convention), and complete disregard for common OO programming conventions (has public scope functions, but also a 'utility class') also - DB abstraction ? he uses only mysql calls - I don't call DB abstraction to the notion of hiding the usage of MySQL behind assuming names such as dbFetch. dbError and dbErr (that's not a type - yes, you have both dbError and dbErr).

            All in all - if you like to keep your PHP coding simple, readable and efficient - avoid this project.


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