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12 Apr 2002 20:23 fare

Other uses for cotty
cotty is happily no more needed for use with the Linux PPP daemon.
Indeed, under Linux, pppd now has an option pty that serves the same purpose
(check the pppd manpage for details).
However, cotty is still useful with BSD or Solaris versions of pppd.

Cotty is also useful to drive other programs that require being connected to a terminal so as to work
properly, notably telnet or pptp. I notably use it in my automatic reconnection script for ADSL.

15 Aug 2001 03:20 fare

Making a VPN without cotty
As explained in the Firewall-Piercing mini-HOWTO, cotty is unnecessary when running a recent Linux pppd over ssh (as demonstrated above); but it is still useful when running pppd over telnet, or when using a non-linux pppd.

03 Nov 2000 13:18 fare

Using cotty to make a VPN
Comments in cotty.c are the documentation.

The main use of cotty is to build a VPN (virtual p{rivate,ublic} network), as in:
cotty -d -- pppd silent -- ssh -t root@remote pppd

I wrote it for use with fwprc, as described in the
Firewall Piercing mini-HOWTO (


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