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Corlpack is a faster Ada implementation of the basic types from the R Language. It includes calculations with units of measurement, a broad range of other basic types such as urn-like identifiers, coordinate, and monetary amounts. Basic types are represented as 128-bit UUIDs so heterogenous arrays, without predesigned structure, can be easily built. Heap allocation for complex structures is minimized, hopefully resulting in much shorter and more predictable execution time. An API with a small number of generic functions aims to simplify Ada programming for computational applications, especially for scientists from non-IT fields.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Apr 2013 09:51

    Release Notes: This release adds an executable tool named "corl" which provides an interface between shells and some corlpack functions. It also includes minor improvements and cleanups, such as removal of compilation warnings and better error support when loading vuuids (reporting line numbers of errors).

    •  24 Jan 2013 10:04

      Release Notes: Arithmetical operators were added for quant extuuids (numbers with units of measurement) and between quants, integers, and floats. There is also a new mechanism to add, at runtime, unit names and definitions that are recognised by the reader. For example, you can write: Len: UUID:= 4*foot + 2.5*inch;

      •  15 Jan 2013 09:58

        Release Notes: This version includes the first implementation of the Corlpack table, a generalization of all R types that also avoids the use of a heap allocator. It also includes new documentation: 'The wonderful world of Corlpack 1.0', a quick description of the future stable version. Other minor improvements are a workaround for a problem of random bits in gaps of packed records and arrays preventing strightforward equality testing of some UUIDs, simplified error reporting, and load/save drivers for key/value files.

        •  08 Jan 2013 08:01

          Release Notes: This release added matrices, pointers, and lists as structuring elements in vectors of UUIDs. A plugin mechanism was provided for loaders and savers of files of various structures into/from ext-UUID vectors.

          •  01 Jan 2013 18:38

            Release Notes: This release adds extended UUID suport for PubMed ID (pmid), unique ingredient identifiers (unii), logical intervention indentifiers, names and codes (loinc), webcitation (wbct) URIs, and a new serial type.


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