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Corkscrew allows you to tunnel SSH sessions through an HTTP proxy using an SSH client like OpenSSH.

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  •  03 Sep 2002 21:14

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    17 Feb 2004 15:10 netmask

    Works perfectly

    I found this utility to work perfectly. I am stuck using it under Cygwin on windows, which it compiles easily on (By easy, I mean it compiles out of box.. no modifications or hacks, just run configure). I use OpenSSH at CLI and when I create an SSH forward, from there I go ahead and launch several local port forwards. This allows me to tunnel my HTTP, Socks, and other traffic over ssh, over corkscrew, via a web proxy. Due to the commonly found restrictions on properly configured web proxies, I did have to setup a remote sshd running on port 443 to get all of this to work. I've had great success using this though MSPROXY as well as Squid. I would be one bored monkey at work without this program. It's also worth noting that I can keep sustained connections for many hours with it and pass gigs of traffic through it without error.


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