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CAIDA CoralReef

CoralReef is a comprehensive software suite developed by CAIDA for collecting and analyzing data from passive Internet traffic monitors in real time or from trace files. The package also includes programming APIs for C and Perl, and applications for capture, analysis, and Web report generation.


Recent releases

  •  11 Nov 2013 20:54

    Release Notes: Improvements include better IPv6 support, new protocols, bugfixes, and portability improvements.

    •  15 Jul 2009 17:53

      Release Notes: This release adds support for MPLS in PPP. It adds support for PPPoHDLC in UoPOS. It adds recognition of Ethernet over MPLS. There are numerous bugfixes.

      •  25 Jul 2008 10:37

        Release Notes: Support was added for LLC encapsulation of Bridged Ethernet/802.3 PDUs. The protocol printer can decode DNSSEC resource records (DNSKEY RRSIG NSEC DS). The protocol printer now detects certain kinds of invalid DNS data and prints an error message instead of attempting to decode it. Printing of malformed IPv4 packets that appear to contain an IPv6 extension header was improved. The packet anonymizer keeps first the 8 bytes of IPv6 headers instead of discarding IPv6 packets. A timezone tag was added to the end of the date range for RRDtool graphs in create_graphs. Assorted bugs were fixed.

        •  28 Feb 2008 03:53

          Release Notes: Assorted bugfixes.

          •  03 Jan 2008 10:31

            Release Notes: A dropinterval option was added to control reporting on dropped packets for live interfaces. Compilation errors were fixed on some platforms along with a compilation error with certain combinations of Perl and Mac OS X. Documentation was improved. A process leak in closing a gzipped pcap file for reading was fixed. The example report generator config files were updated to not require as much editing to work properly.

            Recent comments

            05 Jan 2012 05:22 affablekarthik

            can someone help me how to start up with caida's coral reef.... i ve installed coral reef in my linux machine ... but if i typ d command starting with "crl_" it prompts command not found .... can anyone pls guide me.... THANKS in advance :-)


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