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Coppermine Photo Gallery

Coppermine is a multi-purpose, multi-platform, multi-language, fully-featured, and integrated PHP Web photo gallery script that uses GD lib or ImageMagick with a MySQL backend. It features numerous translations, themes, integration with PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, pMachine, phpBB, InvisionBoard, vBulletin, and YaBBSE, support for Microsoft's XP Publish, e-cards, and search functions.


Recent releases

  •  30 Apr 2009 13:11

    Release Notes: The release covers a recently discovered vulnerability that allows (if unpatched) a user to launch an XSS attack.

    •  04 Feb 2009 11:23

      Release Notes: This release covers a recently discovered vulnerability that allows the uploading and execution of remote code (milw0rm exploit 7909). Additionally, several minor non-security related issues have been fixed.

      •  06 Aug 2008 10:34

        Release Notes: This release covers a recently discovered vulnerability that allows (if unpatched) the execution of remote code.

        •  12 Jun 2008 13:59

          Release Notes: SQL injection vulnerabilities in the session handling code were corrected.

          •  29 Sep 2004 07:37

            Release Notes: Major enhancements in this version include image manipulation (rotate, crop), more user administration capabilities, new and improved language files for dozens of languages, full RTL support, increased BBS integration, more file type support (files, video, sound), and the addition of IP logging for many functions.

            Recent comments

            30 Nov 2007 12:20 fattymattybrewing

            Good Support and Many Skins
            This awesome software is a little tricky for the novice php coder but should be a wiz to learn if you don't mind investigating your questions using coppermine's huge support forum. this php website script features tons of themes out of the box, easy installation and can be retrofitted to any site's current look and feel with a little bit of extra work.

            03 Oct 2007 23:26 eduology

            Re: Fantastic

            > I run a web design company and use
            > Coppermine on various client and
            > personal sites (a kite photography site,
            > is one), and
            > have been very happy with it's
            > performance and adaptability.
            > I tried several other image gallery
            > scripts, but this is, imho, far
            > superior.
            > At least try it, you won't look back.

            Can anyone reflect on how this integrated into the phpbb system and let us know how it worked. We have phpbb at ( and want to extend the capibilities of the forum to use video also...

            Any help on this, we are greatful...

            22 Jul 2007 02:18 Ingah

            Coppermine ROCKS!
            This thoughtful standalone app has delectable (and even humorous) attention to coding detail with a transparent interface. I almost never had to look at the documentation to use it, it is built that well. Coppermine has saved me HOURS upon HOURS of coding time and even from getting cortisone shots in my elbow... no kidding!

            17 Dec 2006 05:31 gconway

            Coppermine Photo Gallery
            Coppermine sets its self apart in its simplistic approach of providing a robust easy to use interface of categorizing and displaying images, documents, video and audio files from multiple sources. Coppermine is fully documented and supported. It would do you well to hang out in their forums, study the documentation, demo and tutorials to fully appreciate the amount of support, plug-ins and modifications that are available. At the least you will have something to judge all other software by.

            09 Oct 2006 04:24 shved31

            What mast I do to receive rss?
            What must I do to receive your rss to


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