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Contemplate Web Templating System

Contemplate is a Web templating system that allows writers, designers, and developers to focus on what they do best. Store content, design templates and code in separate files, edit them with your favorite tools, then use Contemplate's PHP scripts to merge them at runtime.


Recent releases

  •  03 Jul 2012 16:32

    Release Notes: This release adds options for error display and source code display.

    •  22 Jun 2011 15:36

      Release Notes: Bugfixes.

      •  24 Nov 2010 17:41

        Release Notes: This release adds support for content stored in a database (in addition to HTML and XML files). It adds looping and variable merging functionality. It moves Reporter data to a database for better performance. It adds support for the page manager feature in the Meditate(tm) Web Content Editor.

        •  04 Dec 2009 02:09

          Release Notes: Support was added for the Meditate Web Content Editor. This version is PHP-only; development of the ASP and Perl versions has been suspended.

          •  30 Nov 2009 20:31

            Release Notes: This release has a couple of bugfixes, plus updates for compatibility with recent versions of PHP. Please note: this will be the last release for ASP and Perl. Development will focus on PHP starting with version 1.3.


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