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Conquest is a real-time multi-player space warfare game originally written in ratfor for the vax/vms platform. It was an early predecessor to netrek. It supports OpenGL rendering and sound.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 May 2010 01:31

    Release Notes: This stable release includes several fixes from the last development and stable releases, including a serious malloc/free bug. It includes a new Windows XP/Windows 7 precompiled .zip file.

    •  28 Mar 2010 00:48

      Release Notes: This release version fixes a variety of minor bugs, and adds support for Mac OS X (Darwin) and Windows XP (via MinGW).

      •  13 Sep 2008 18:43

        Release Notes: This version corrects some issues with conquering players unable to leave their "Last Words" in the gl client, and adds some aggressiveness in dealing with ship-slot starvation.

        •  10 Aug 2008 09:59

          Release Notes: This is a fairly big revision. Several significant enhancements were made and some serious bugs were fixed. A lot of internal cleanup was done as well.

          •  11 May 2008 13:33

            Release Notes: This version corrects a couple of serious off-by-one errors in the server. A new star texture is used. Texture mipmapping is supported. A variety of compiler warnings and minor bugs were fixed. CQI fixes and enhancements were made. A lot of code cleanup happened. Solaris should build and compile now (even OpenGL and sound support, provided all the normal Conquest requirements are there). Due to the server fixes, server operators are strongly urged to upgrade to this release.

            Recent comments

            08 May 2010 01:33 jont

            The best game ever invented by the human race.


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