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Configurator is a configuration file parser. It allows you to use arbitrary nesting of sections. The user can define an option's default value, necessity, and semantic check. It supports single-line and multi-line comments (in C++ style). It provides common checks of options and sections, like duplication, incorrection, etc. It uses only Boost C++ libraries and ISO C++. It is header-only (does not require building) and very easy to use.

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Git-repository on is dead 19 Jan 2011 20:34

Now I use Git-repository there:

Recent releases

  •  30 Nov 2010 07:16

    Release Notes: A bug with a missing WITH_SEMANTIC_CHECK flag was fixed. Experimental support for 'EXP_RECORD' semantics was added (for recording of big or small numbers in configuration files). Short variants of 'add_' and 'get_' functions were added for simplicity.

    •  23 Nov 2010 17:17

      Release Notes: A bug with multi-line comments on one string was fixed. Support has been added for a tab ('\t' symbol) as a name-value separator when a space is used as a name-value separator. Meaningless strings detection was added. The ability to use canonical one line comments (with '#') has been added. 'Time period' semantic was added.

      •  12 Nov 2010 04:59

        Release Notes: This is the first version of the library. It is ready for testing and for basic usage.


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