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ConfigLib is a C++ library for reading and writing standard Unix and Windows .INI configuration files as easily as declaring a variable. It provides all the objects necessary to read any setting from a configuration file and write out changes while preserving comments. Using templates, any serializable object or primitive can be read from a configuration file and parsed automatically via the command line. It also includes common objects for handling settings beyond those of the C primitives.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Dec 2008 18:01

    Release Notes: This update provides some minor performance improvements, and adds better const support including const iterators.

    •  26 Aug 2008 15:54

      Release Notes: This update adds the ability to enumerate over unswitched command line parameters, and fixes some bugs in long command line switch handling.

      •  10 Jul 2008 11:42

        Release Notes: This update adds a new class for reading an enumerable configuration option. The configenum class allows the creation of a collection of strings that map to a numeric index. This is useful as a shortcut for rapidly adding a configuration setting which allows a finite number of named options and manipulating them as numeric values or a C++ enumeration.

        •  25 Mar 2008 17:32

          Release Notes: This update adds two new classes for reading a section of the configuration file: configmap which reads name/value pairs, and configvector, which reads unnamed values. There are also improvements in positioning new settings and handling Boolean variables.

          •  16 Mar 2008 23:23

            Release Notes: The initial release of the project includes objects for reading and writing a configuration file setting, or a map of settings from a complete section. It also has objects for reading colors and IP addresses using a variety of common formats.

            Recent comments

            10 Jul 2008 10:20 vonroeschlaub

            Re: Alternative: Autoopt, part of Autogen
            A bit like Autoopt for configuration files, but this does not do code generation. Instead the focus is on the ability to add and remove configuration file options easily without any redesign. Preserving of existing configuration file comments and unhandled options was also of high importance.

            Autoopt offers much greater control over the command line interface, which is only added for completeness to ConfigLib.

            16 Mar 2008 17:27 BotKeeper

            Alternative: Autoopt, part of Autogen
            I've used Autoopts (part of Autogen) for years. It

            has a much more complete feature set for options

            but with a higher footprint. ConfigLib uses true C++



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