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Config-Model provides a framework for editing and validating the content of any configuration file or data. With a configuration model (expressed in a data structure), Config-Model provides a user interface and a tool to validate configuration. An optional graphical (Perl/Tk) or curses interface can be used to edit configuration data that will be validated according to the user-provided model. Config-Model includes a model example for fstab and a small fstab demo.


Recent releases

  •  25 Aug 2013 17:51

    Release Notes: Config::Model is more lightweight: LcdProc model and Config::Model::Tester class were moved into their own distribution. The backend features a new parameter to improve the portability of the model (os_config_dir). cme features a new -backup option. The documentation was clarified and the model plugin doc was moved into the advanced manual. Many bugs were fixed.

    •  23 Mar 2013 18:22

      Release Notes: The main change of this release is to provide asynchronous store check. Now, a model can check the validity of a configuration value against a remote resource in a non-blocking way. This is currently used by the Dpkg model to check the validity of package names with the Debian server through several concurrent HTTP requests. The Debian Dpkg model has been moved into a Debian native project.

      •  31 May 2012 11:17

        Release Notes: This release tracks and displays changes done to configuration data. Changes can be due to user edit, automatic fix, or migration. Improved migration for array or hash elements. Many improvements in the Debian::Dpkg model.

        •  20 Feb 2012 12:47

          Release Notes: There is a big change this time, hence the version bump to 2.001 (and then to 2.004 due to some release hiccups). The main change for users is the deprecation of the config-edit program in favor of cme. Instead of using options, this cme uses command keywords like git, so users will have more possibilities while typing less. Internally, some performance improvements were implemented. Given the work required, core Config::Model classes were converted to Moose. This release also feature some improvements for the Debian source package model.

          •  09 Dec 2011 11:41

            Release Notes: This release adds a model for a multistrap configuration file. It updates the lcdproc and Debian dpkg models. There are various other bugfixes.


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