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Config::Model::Xorg provides a configuration model for xorg.conf. This model is to be loaded by Config::Model. Along with Config::Model::CursesUI, you get tools to view or edit your xorg.conf file.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Mar 2009 11:34

    Release Notes: All Xorg model files are now edited and written by Config::Model::Itself. The Fglrx model was added. The Extensions model was added. The config-edit-xorg command was added to ease firing up the xorg.conf editor. The Ati model was added. The Radeon model was improved. The parser is now insensitive to case for keywords (like Xorg). Lots of bugs were fixed. The driver models are still incomplete.

    •  13 Mar 2009 21:44

      Release Notes: config-edit-xorg was added to ease firing up the xorg.conf editor.

      •  22 Oct 2008 17:33

        Release Notes: A VESA model has been added. This release will try several directories to find the X.Org configuration. It has been fixed to cope with the new Config::Model::Autoread.

        •  28 Feb 2008 18:31

          Release Notes: This release fixes a problem that prevented building with Module::Build versions 0.2080_01 or higher.

          •  13 Feb 2008 14:38

            Release Notes: A bug that can happen when running Build.PL (during the creation of a keyboard model) was fixed.


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