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CommuniGate Pro is a high-end, industry strength Internet Mail server. It supports over 24 different operating systems including Linux/LinuxPPC,Solaris, MacOS X, FreeBSD, WindowsNT, BSDi, AIX, AS/400, HP/UX, Tru64, BeOS, IRIX, and S/390 for Linux. The CommuniGate Pro server takes full advantage of modern multi-threaded and multi-processor environments, and includes anti-spam protection, administration via the web, extensive multi-domain support, dial-up capabilities, cluster support, and unique IMAP multi-mailbox features. As a commercial product, it is distributed as keyware. The Free trial version is not time- or feature- limited.


Recent releases

  •  25 May 2001 14:55

    Release Notes: Local delivery is now repeated after 1 minute if an external INBOX is locked with some other application. In cluster mode, the backend local delivery now checks the "Mail Disabled" and "Account is Full" conditions. The "Send as HTML" option was added to the Compose.html page in the WebUser interface. The converter in WebUser now displays embedded objects in HTML messages [incorrectly] created with Lotus Notes. The Drafts mailbox in WebUser is now automatically created during the "Save as Draft" operation. The "STARTTLS" EHLO response is now presented only if the target domain has an active Certificate. The following bugs were fixed: In WebUser, updating mailbox ACLs from a non-owner account could clear the ACL list. The process environment variables were not correctly passed to external programs. In SMTP, the ATRN command was issued instead of ETRN if the ATRN 'loginname' was entered into the module settings. In WebUser, large Subject lines could result in insertion of a header string with just one space symbol, and incorrect customization of the Compose page could cause server crashes.

    •  08 Dec 1998 20:34

      No changes have been submitted for this release.


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