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colorize reads text files or the standard input line by line. It tries to match each line against a set of configurable regular expressions, and if one of them matches, it renders the line in color by means of ANSI escape sequences.

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  •  19 Jul 2004 18:38

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    31 Jan 2006 01:21 opepin

    Win32 support
    Nice script, very usefull.

    Comment for windows users, you have to install the win32-console-ansi module to get it work.

    > ppm install win32-console-ansi

    20 Jul 2004 05:01 bwana147

    Re: Hi!

    Yes, I've seen it, and it is a great tool, and indeed more general. colorize, OTOH, is a lot simpler: its only aim is to colorize a line or not, depending on whether it matches a given regex or not. It is intended for those very simple cases, where you want all lines containing "ERROR" to stand out in red. Anything beyond that is better achieved with csed.

    And being written in Perl, it works on Windows with the help of a module that translates ANSI to whatever they use in Windows to colorize their terminal.

    20 Jul 2004 01:22 ievlev


    Have you seen a csed project?

    I think it's more general solution, 'cause use

    terminfo to colorize output to terminal (so it

    works not only on ansy terminals)


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