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08 Dec 2002 07:47 azummo

Re: Designed to be "stable" but is not yet.

You may want to try the latest CVS version and see if it performs better. If you still have troubles, please send a
bug report to the developers.

23 May 2002 13:38 jmayo

Designed to be "stable" but is not yet.
This application, according to it's website is ment to be "stable" rather than featureful. Seeing as it segfaults as soon as I press hotsync on my PalmIIIx (linux 2.4.18) it makes me think that "stable" is a relative term and does not indicate that the code has gone through any sort of review or evaluation process. Sorry to slam the software so much, but it's not right to imply that the software is stable when infact it is not.


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