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CoFlo is a source code analysis tool that generates and analyzes control flow graphs from C and C++ sources. Control flow graphs can be output in graphical or textual format.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Jan 2012 04:21

    Release Notes: This release contains significant feature enhancements and bugfixes. if() statements now display the conditional expression in CFG output. A segfault with constraints when no violations were found has been fixed. There are many miscellaneous improvements to reachability analysis and reporting. Another multi-file constraints test case has been added, this one slightly more real-world. A connectedness test has been added. This release adds impossible edges to unconnected blocks during CFG creation. It fixes broken dependencies that were resulting in the coflo executable not being rebuilt.

    •  07 Jan 2012 03:40

      Release Notes: Major installation improvements were made. The Autotools infrastructure was reworked to build and statically link to DParser and Boost libraries from source tarballs if necessary. Libtool is now used in order to better support different shared object linking requirements on more systems. A "BOOST_RPATH" configure-time variable was manually added, which gets passed to libtool at link-time. The AX_BOOST_<...> macros don't add this automatically. Build and host triples were added to the output of "--build-info".

      •  14 Dec 2011 05:38

        Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix update. Boost >= 1.46.1 is required for building, not >= 1.42.0, and a .png was missing from the tarballs.

        •  11 Dec 2011 22:18

          Release Notes: This is the first public release of CoFlo.


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