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Codestriker is a Web application that supports online code reviews. Traditional document reviews are supported, as well as reviewing diffs generated by an SCM (Source Code Management) system and plain unidiff patches. There are integration points with CVS, Subversion, Clearcase, Perforce, Visual SourceSafe, and Bugzilla. There is a plug-in architecture for supporting other SCMs and issue tracking systems. It minimizes paper work, ensures that issues, comments, and decisions are recorded in a database, and provides a comfortable workspace for actually performing code inspections. An optional highly-configurable metrics subsystem allows you to record code inspection metrics as a part of your process.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Nov 2009 04:18

    Release Notes: Integration with Git repositories and the Mantis bug tracking system was added. Support was added for creating dynamic topics for Perforce and Clearcase directly from the UI. An email gateway was created so that replies to comments can be done directly from the email client.

    •  31 Oct 2008 04:00

      Release Notes: Optional user authentication/authorization. A new Subversion post-commit script based on standard to auto-create code reviews. A fix for a bug where Subversion diffs with binary files that contained property changes were not handled correctly. Scmbug integration now works correctly for multiple commits to the same file under the one Bug ID, and when there are deleted files present. A "Diff" link has been added for each comment on the list comments page. The rendering of non-Latin characters when syntax highlighting is enabled has been fixed.

      •  11 Aug 2008 10:37

        Release Notes: Code reviews can now be automatically created from Subversion commits. Git and hg patches can be handled. The total number of lines added and removed is now shown in the "view topic" page and the "create topic" email. The topic title in the edit comment page now links directly to the code location being commented on rather than just the top of the view topic page. A number of other minor enhancements and bugfixes were done.

        •  04 Jul 2008 07:05

          Release Notes: Syntax highlighting support was added. The appearance of the application has been updated. The ability to specify just a filename and a revision number to create a review from a Subversion or Perforce repository. TestDirector is now supported as a bug tracking system. Reviews can be created just by entering the bug IDs, and the data can be retrieved from Scmbug. The edit comment page has been updated to include a link back to the associated view topic page. Support for LXR 0.9.5 was added. Any line of any file in the review can be commented on, not just those that are a part of the diff file.

          •  05 Oct 2007 07:32

            Release Notes: Handling was improved for Subversion diff files, including invalid forms generated in Chinese locales by the Subversion client. Support for launching external programs under mod_perl for Win32 and other systems was improved. Creating dynamic Subversion topics in non-English locales is now supported. Handling of Perforce and ClearCase diff files was improved. ClearCase dynamic views are supported under Win32. A bunch of minor bugfixes and UI improvements were made.


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