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Code Crusader is a graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed to smoothly integrate the tasks of working with source files, compiling, and debugging; in short, everything involved in developing code.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Mar 2006 06:58

    Release Notes: This version runs on Mac OS X and Cygwin in addition to Linux. It also introduces many new features, including support for CVS, Subversion, and other version control systems, support for CMake, support for C#, Erlang, JavaScript, and SML, syntax highlighting for Eiffel and Python, improved syntax highlighting for PHP, and Perl syntax support in regular expression search and replace.

    •  31 Jan 2004 02:15

      Release Notes: A newly redesigned build system provides enhanced flexibility and streamlines the process of compiling and executing programs. Support has been added for qmake as an alternative to makemake. There is increased language support, including support for Bison, lex, Pascal, REXX, Ruby and XML namespaces, and new or improved syntax highlighting for Bison, Bourne shell, C shell, Java, Perl, PHP, and TCL. There is keyword completion for TCL, and an option to dock windows to better suit your preferences.

      •  30 Apr 2003 04:53

        Release Notes: This version fixes the compile output window so that it works with the version of gcc shipped with RedHat 7.1, fixes a bug so that "replace all in selection" works correctly when the source and target do not have the same length, and fixes a bug so that the Meta key works correctly on Mandrake Linux.

        •  24 Apr 2001 09:17

          Release Notes: This is the final release of 3.0.0. This release includes a Symbol browser that allows you to locate functions, classes, preprocessor definitions. It also includes keyword completion for C/C++, Eiffel, FORTRAN, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Shell, support for Qt signals and slots in the C++ class inheritance tree, a Java class inheritance tree, graphical differencing of text files, additional multi-file project file templates that allow you to avoid of editing Make.header search options, text file templates, support for European languages, and support for the new XSearch protocol. It now works with Gnome and KDE session managers.

          •  04 Mar 2001 09:17

            Release Notes: This release fixes some minor bugs when creating new projects, as well as with handling of European languages.

            Recent comments

            12 Nov 2000 02:14 codebert

            Difference between the base and the program
            Because a program Y is based on X, when X is not for commercial use doesn't mean that Y can't be open source and able to be used commercially.

            That would be like saying that an MFC based program that was open source couldn't be free.

            11 Sep 2000 15:52 staylor

            really free "open source" license?
            Anybody want to explain the licenses for me? The license for Code Crusader says that it is free for commercial use, but the JX framework (which Code Crusader uses) says that it is not. It doesn't seem that it's possible to fork Code Crusader due to its dependence on JX.

            14 Aug 2000 15:04 klittebok

            Install This
            It's lightweight, feature rich without being bloated, has a minimal learning curve, good editor, I use it all the time for my C programming. I love it :)

            09 Sep 1999 21:48 dexterp

            Any chance of Integratoin with glade
            Excellect IDE. A job well done.

            I was wondering if there was any chance that glade could be integrated with code crusader/code medic.

            Anyone who thinks this is a good idea please email the developers of both apps and ask nicely :).


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