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05 Apr 2004 23:39 himanshu79

Re: Can't get it to work
i got the code after decompiling the class files but its still not working.
the first problem was that the application has statically defined the "http://" protocol only.
i modified the code and now at least i can view all kind of sites.
but i wonder how did you managed to open authenticated pages.
i tried it on so many sites but it didnt worked for me.

12 Sep 2001 02:37 bluesmoon

Can't get it to work
I've tried running this on three different browsers (Netscape 4, Mozilla, and IE5.5), on linux and windows. The only thing I can do is log in and log out. The urls that I type in the url box do not show up anywhere. The user list is refreshed correctly, but nothing else can be done.

The source code is not released, so it is not possible for me to find out where the problem is.

I would also like to change the text on the internal pages (grammatical errors need to be fixed), but without the source I cannot do anything.

I'm running it on Tomcat 3.2.3 on Apache 1.3.20


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