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CMSimple is a simple content management system for simple maintainance of small commercial or private sites. It has a simple installation, is easy to modify, and offers an unique combination of features. It uses an HTML-file for storing the entire site, which can be edited in your favorite editor. It has a dynamic TOC and document locator, a WYSIWYG editor (no plugin--functions in IE and Mozilla), a search function, link validation, image handling, and automatic backup. It is easy to set up your own layout; just edit the template and stylesheet.


Recent releases

  •  23 Jun 2008 13:24

    Release Notes: Several language codes have been changed for language/flag files to comply to ISO 639-1 language codes. All languages are available from the new download form, and all languages have a flag. The licence text in files was changed. The Hungarian translation was updated. A "readme.txt" file was added in the downloads directory.

    •  22 May 2008 12:08

      Release Notes: The license was changed to AGPL3. A CMSimple Legal Notices feature was implemented. $sl is set as a parameter in the help link.

      •  30 Oct 2007 11:03

        Release Notes: A few minor bugs were fixed ($hjs, menu parent, slash bug, and hidden pages shown in search results). The editor now works with the Opera browser. A new integrated plugin loader was included. The Norwegian and Dutch language files were updated and Swedish support was added.

        •  18 Apr 2007 13:20

          Release Notes: Major code cleanup was done in almost all files. The structure of code in PHP, HTML, and CSS was improved. The output validates as HTML 4.01 Transitional. Page splitting is supported on a user defined level. A mailform XSS vulnerability was fixed. New OEdit buttons were added. A page login was added to make it easier to login in IE7. Searching on entities was implemented. Several other improvements were made.

          •  22 Mar 2007 15:03

            Release Notes: Major code cleanup was done in almost all files. Some minor changes were made.

            Recent comments

            26 Feb 2008 05:49 patriekd

            Dutch translation
            I work at MeMO vzw, a non-profit organisation using Joomla for own websites.

            We worked on e-coop for 3 years ( and on a guide on 'people and environmentily-friendly undertaking'

            We start to promote CMSimple to little organisations and undertakers.

            We work on a pdf-book, translating information about CMSimple.

            Anyone interested helping us, interested in the manual?


            06 Jul 2006 14:56 harteg

            Re: CMSimple Open Source?
            I have realized that AGPL is not OSI-approved. I don't know if anybody here is taliban, but I did chose to follow this statement at "we still encourage use of the term "Open Source" to mean conformance to the OSD. ". Therefore I cleaned up a month ago, and the only place at (besides in Support form) you'll find the term "Open Source" is this: "Open Source enthusiasts are also welcome to use and modify and distribute CMSimple under the given licence". Maybe I should get out of as well?

            Price for remove license isn't USD 142, but 72.00 - templates are in the distribution. Whatever a designer charge for his templates is up to him.

            I do not feel any sympathy for copyright violations. Why shouldn't I keep track of the use of my script and care about my copyrights? Commercial licenses have made it possible for me to keep this project alive for years - supporting it and improving it.

            There has been some code cleanup of parts of the script in last release making more easy for other developers to make modifications, but this still need improvement.

            10 May 2006 14:05 ockhamwasright

            13 Jan 2005 07:24 harteg

            Re: The license

            > Do I have to

            > keep the link on every page, or can I

            > add all the needed info on some about

            > page? And what happens if I write a

            > template from scratch?

            You need the link on every page - also when from scratch. Elsewise you may pay for a license, which supports the development of the system.

            16 Sep 2004 05:32 novica

            The license
            I think that this section 2 (d) is pretty interesting. But I have 2 questions for the author: Do I have to keep the link on every page, or can I add all the needed info on some about page? And what happens if I write a template from scratch?

            Not that I am against sharing a template or leaving a small link... just want to know how far this section 2 (d) goes.


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