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CMatrix is an ncurses program that simulates the screensaver from "The Matrix" movie's website. It can work with terminals of any size, and can scroll lines all at the same rate or asynchronously and at a user-defined speed.


Recent releases

  •  01 Apr 2002 06:34

    Release Notes: In this release, the array space is now dynamically allocated, eliminating the 132x300 terminal size limit. The -f flag now turns TERM=linux on, not off. CMatrix can now be resized on the fly. A .spec file is now included with the distribution.

    •  10 Apr 2000 01:59

      Release Notes: Support for consolechars and setfont for loading matrix console font, and better autoconf support for detecting console and X font directories.

      •  04 Apr 2000 01:41

        Release Notes: New autoconf support and documentation updates.

        •  06 Jun 1999 21:18

          Release Notes: More code cleanup (specifically the random number generation), debian support in the Makefile, ran the source through indent -kr which should make some people happy, and more RedHat 6 fixes.

          •  13 May 1999 15:52

            Release Notes: Support for transparent terminals, new mtx.pcf X window font that does not leave "streaks" down the collumns, changed setenv() back to putenv() for portability and a new matrix.psf.gz console font for RH6.

            Recent comments

            23 Apr 1999 19:35 vaxgeek

            this is ass slow


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