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ClusterShell is a set of tools and an event-based Python library to execute commands on local or remote cluster nodes in parallel. The framework also provides advanced methods for handling node sets and node groups to ease and improve administration of large compute clusters or server farms. Three convenient command line utilities, clush, clubak, and nodeset, allow traditional shell scripts to benefit some useful features offered by the library.

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Recent releases

  •  13 Apr 2012 22:29

    Release Notes: This version adds several useful features to the clush and nodeset CLIs. For example, you can now easily display differences between common remote shell command results with clush --diff. New algorithms used on RangeSet and NodeSet Python classes lead to an overall library performance improvement, especially on large Linux HPC clusters. An initial User and Programming Guide is now available on the Web site.

    •  21 Jun 2011 20:36

      Release Notes: This is mostly a performance enhancement release. Command execution time has been considerably reduced, and the output gathering algorithm has been improved. This release fixes also several minor issues.

      •  21 Mar 2011 06:35

        Release Notes: This is a maintenance release that fixes bugs and adds some options to command line tools ("nodeset" and "clush"). Also, RangeSet and NodeSet classes of the ClusterShell library have been slightly improved.

        •  13 Feb 2011 16:50

          Release Notes: Several minor bugs in the 'clush' command line tool have been fixed in this update. Also, global performance has been improved, especially on very large clusters.

          •  16 Jan 2011 11:30

            Release Notes: This is an enhancement release. Global performance has been improved, especially when used on very large clusters (with over 3000 nodes). The command-line tools (clush and nodeset) have been rewritten and optimized. Remote file copy retrieving support (distant to local) was added in clush. Finally, some parts of the library have been prepared for future version 2.0.


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