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ClusterKnoppix is a modified Knoppix distribution that uses the OpenMosix kernel. It features an OpenMosix terminal server that uses PXE, DHCP, and tftp to boot Linux clients via the network. It also includes openMosix auto-discovery, cluster management tools, and an optional X environment.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 May 2005 16:34

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  16 May 2004 14:37

      Release Notes: This release was synchronized with the latest Knoppix release. Openmosix was upgraded to "testing" 2.4.26-om. Various packages were updated. Support was added for host-ap, prism54, Atheros Wireless, and Cisco MPI 350 wireless (madwifi/airo-mpi). The 2.6.5 kernel was upgraded to 2.6.6 (vanilla kernel, no openmosix).

      •  23 Feb 2004 11:29

        Release Notes: This version syncs with the latest Knoppix release, upgrades to gomd 0.2beta, fixes the OpenMosix restart script, fixes a terminal server bug (chown problem), fixes the atmel wlan drivers, adds a French OpenMosix terminal server translation, and adds a new parameter that allows the user to export the Knoppix image from disk instead of running from the CDROM (to allow speedups).

        •  05 Oct 2003 06:38

          Release Notes: This release syncs with latest Knoppix release, updates gomd to 0.1beta, removes OpenOffice, upgrades gcc to 3.3.2, fixes the terminal server/etherboot bug, and adds a working bcm4400 driver.

          •  30 Sep 2003 05:46

            Release Notes: This version syncs with the latest Knoppix release. It upgrades to kernel 2.4.22 and openmosix-1 release, upgrades to openmosix-user-0.3.4, upgrades to the latest openmosixview, adds libgtop2 libcommoncpp2-1.0- 0c102, adds chpox-0.5, adds Gomd CVS 20030917, and removes the default MFS/DFSA support because of a tmpfs bug.


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