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clockspeed uses a hardware tick counter to compensate for a persistently fast or slow system clock. Given a few time measurements from a reliable source, it computes and then eliminates the clock skew. sntpclock checks another system's NTP clock and prints the results in a format suitable for input to clockspeed. sntpclock is the simplest available NTP/SNTP client. taiclock and taiclockd form an even simpler alternative to SNTP. They are suitable for precise time synchronization over a local area network, without the hassles and potential security problems of an NTP server.


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05 May 2003 04:54 czubaka

rpm package

I made an attempt to make rpm package from
clockspeed. Here it is: (
or (

Please note, that this package is _NOT_ authorized
by D.J. Bernstein. I haven't even consulted it.
If it destroys you family life, blame me <> (, not him.




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Project Spotlight

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