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CLIChart is intended for quick summarization and visualization of data, especially from system logs. It provides tools to extract and manipulate tabular summary data from text files, and to generate and view simple charts from tabular data on the command line. Charts can be displayed in a window and/or saved.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Jun 2009 02:19

    Release Notes: This release provides minor enhancements. Chart colors may now be specified directly, and empty data values may optionally be ignored. The aggregate tool now also supports standard deviations. Java 1.5 or higher is now required.

    •  21 Sep 2008 08:11

      Release Notes: This version adds the ability to override any or all of the colors used in data series. Note that, as of this version, the clichart tool requires at least Java 1.5.

      •  15 Jun 2008 12:18

        Release Notes: This release contains a couple of minor bugfixes (in cliserver and aggregate), as well as a new script called histogram, which generates a histogram of data distribution from tabular data (text or CSV).

        •  10 Jun 2007 11:03

          Release Notes: This release is mostly a tidy-up, with small bugfixes and improvements in handling errors. However, it also allows output from "aggregate" to include simple expressions, adds the ability for "cliserverlib" to locate "clichart" via the PATH (useful for Windows users), and uses the Psyco JIT compiler to speed operation if it's installed.

          •  22 Apr 2007 14:38

            Release Notes: Minimal changes were made since 0.5.2-rc1, apart from fixing one bug in which cliserverlib didn't work with Python 2.2. Changes since 0.5.1 include a CLI server mode, increasing efficiency when many charts are to be generated. Input can come from a command file, script, or program. Some extra options were added for controlling series titles. A new script extracts aggregate data (such as min, max, or average) from tabular data files. This is mostly used to summarize data from many files.


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