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clcal provides a terminal-based on-screen reminder of appointments, important dates, and other events over a pre-defined range of days.

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Recent releases

  •  14 Jun 2005 20:39

    Release Notes: This release adds the ability to search all calendar entries for a regular expression, and the ability to print all calendar entries to the screen. It tidies up some of the original code.

    •  05 Jan 2005 22:13

      Release Notes: The ability to print previous entries has been extended (e.g clcal -d 7 -w -9 will print calendar entries for nine weeks prior to today, then today's entries, then the entries for the next seven days. clcal -w -9 -w will achieve the same output.) Note that the negative period modifier must be specified (the positive period modifier is 1 by implication unless specified), so that in order to show calendar entries for one week prior to and one week after today, you could use: clcal -w -w -1. A couple of bugs where clcal would core dump instead of displaying the customary brief usage message were fixed.

      •  22 Dec 2004 23:03

        Release Notes: The ability to print previous entries using negative period modifiers has been added, for example: "clcal -d -7" will print the calendar entries for the seven days prior to today. This function has also been extended to searches, such that "clcal -s dentist -w -4" will search the four weeks prior to today for all calendar entries containing the string "dentist". The clcal options --searchfwd, -b, and --searchbck are now deprecated by the introduction of the use of negative numbers as search period modifiers, and will be removed from later versions of clcal.

        •  24 Oct 2004 23:17

          Release Notes: A new search function allows searching back through past calendar files. Note that searched past entries can be coloured differently to avoid confusion, so examine the modified colour.cfg file included with this release and make appropriate changes to your existing ~/.clcal/colour.cfg if you are upgrading.

          •  17 Aug 2004 22:23

            Release Notes: A sequence of date files, all empty bar one (near the centre), produced unusual output. This has been fixed.


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