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The clash New Generation focuses on making a versatile OS environment for embedded systems allowing users to customize the resulting platform into routers, firewalls, 3G gateways, access points, an emergency rescue system, or even diskless clients.

Operating Systems

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Package repository 29 Jun 2011 12:12

Package repository is now available on project's homepage:

Recent releases

  •  02 Jul 2011 11:48

    Release Notes: With this release the arm port catches up with the x86 port and also benefits from a library cleanup that keeps the footprint similar to the previous release but features a GUI (fbdev kdrive and fluxbox), an RDP client, a VNC client, and an all mode Internet browser.

    •  30 Jun 2011 05:09

      Release Notes: iceWM was replaced with Fluxbox and startx was fixed. PHP man pages and includes and iptables includes were removed. libnss files were moved from the noarch package to dropbear. Four virtual consoles were added. An RDP client (rdesktop), VNC client (vncviewer), and a lightweight Web browser (links) were added.

      •  28 Jun 2011 05:08

        Release Notes: This release added xhost to the x11 package, a simple package manager, and libnss to system_scripts package. Problems with a missing udhcpc default script, broken link to /etc/resolv.conf, and broken links generated by copy_libs were fixed.

        •  15 Jun 2011 15:06

          Release Notes: Initial release for the x86 architecture.

          •  01 Jun 2011 13:38

            Release Notes: 3G hotplug was fixed to look for and initiate ppp peer for the correct provider (queried from SIM). A LED management script was added.


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