Comments for ClarkConnect Internet Server/Gateway

04 Feb 2002 18:33 elcaracol

Facil & Genial
Hace una semana instale la version 0.9.1, es simplemente genial. En unos pocos pasos tengo configurado todo lo necesario para conectar toda mi red a internet. Todo en una 486 con 20 Mb RAM.

Download it NOW!! IT`s GREAT!

10 Jan 2002 07:53 countz

Clark Connect Router scanning my internal computer.
I've loaded the Clarkconnect gateway 0.9.1 on several computers. I've noticed that the gateway is port probing my internal machine. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this activity.

14 Aug 2001 20:53 LIME4X4

CC Gateway box
This version is easy to install and u need very little knowledge of right from the get go.Very nice software package.I'm using it to provide access to the internet for 5 computers.Been running non stop for over 50 days with no problems

14 Aug 2001 08:03 desquinn

CC can satisfy a number of requirements, such as firewall or webserver. However its best feature is its ease of setup, followed closely by its support through the bulletin boards at clarkconnects website. Anybody wanting to start with linux will be pleased with what this package has to offer. Even the more experienced tinkerers will have plenty of scope left to them.

Great product.......

13 Aug 2001 21:08 Galaxi

I never belived that linux could be easy to use. But clarkconnect kicked the shit out of that. It took me about 20 mins to get a working Firewall/router/gateway. And when its installed its easy to use too. What else do u need?

11 Aug 2001 21:53 athlonamd

A very good Linux distro for newbies and intermediate users. great features and works great for Cable modems. I have setup linux before to work as a router/firewall and this just makes it painless and fun.


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