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ClanBomber is a Bomberman-like multiplayer game that uses ClanLib, a free multi-platform C++ game SDK. It is fully playable and features computer controlled bombers, but it is recommended to play with friends (3-8 players is best).


Recent releases

  •  16 Feb 2004 21:40

    Release Notes: The main change is the addition of -window and -fullscreen parameters. Note that fullscreen is the default on Windows and -window is the default on Linux.

    •  08 Jan 2004 21:35

      Release Notes: Some patches from Debian and Mandrake which remove compilation warnings have been merged. An important bugfix for a segfault has been backported from ClanBomber2.

      •  03 May 2001 18:33

        Release Notes: This release is a port to ClanLib 0.5.0.

        •  02 Apr 2000 06:22

          Release Notes: Two fatal segfault bugs fixed (ClanBomber 1.01 should be bugfree now), random level order option, falling bombs no longer block, other minor changes.

          •  02 Jan 2000 05:10

            Release Notes: 2 new Bomber graphics (Tux and BSD devil), highlighting of map tiles as option for each player (helpful for tux, snake, bsd-devil), Observer destroys walls and boxes (they become ground tiles), maps are sorted by name, configurable bomb timings (delay, countdown, speed), author and number of Bombers can be set in map editor, improvements to some maps and one new map, and a bit more human-like AI_MIC.

            Recent comments

            25 Jan 2003 00:29 peterdyndnsinfo

            mathematical functions and math.h
            compiling of ver. 1.02a would be much easier for noobs like me, if you would #include <math.h> in clanbomber/Bomber.cpp, clanbomber/GameObject.cpp, clanbomber/GameStatus.cpp and clanbomber/GameStatus_Team.cpp

            22 Dec 1999 02:02 r2ro

            A lot of potential
            Though this game is a bit incomplete, it's hella fun. When playing games I look for sound effects almost as much as graphics. ClanBomber has great explosion sounds.

            Best when played with good speakers. 8-)


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