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28 Mar 2001 12:48 jeffcovey

If you want to change your URLs, please use the "update branch"
function on the branch's project menu. This is much more efficient
and convenient than posting comments and hoping someone will see them
and do something about them.



25 Mar 2001 06:52 phantomlord

moved again
now located at <a
href=""> since is no longer hosting dynamic dns

01 Aug 2000 21:21 phantomlord

citygen has moved
Now hosted at (

OCHRE (OCHRE Campaign Helper and Readying Environment) aims to be an entire package dedicated to helping create and maintain a RPG campaign. A GTK frontend is the primary focus but there will be console versions of the tools developed too.

22 Dec 1999 11:35 shaman

Possible problem with some SYSV systems, fixable.
Add -lm to the Makefile to get the program to compile. Depends on the math library.

I also modified city.c so that it pointed to /opt/gnu/etc/profsv so that I could install the program in the path without keeping a separate directory.


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Project Spotlight


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