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cipra Unit Testing Framework

cipra is a simple, TAP-compatible Unit Testing Framework for C++. It's written in 100% standard C++11 and is only a couple of header files, making it easy to include in your C++11 project. TAP, the Test Anything Protocol, is a standard output format for software unit test frameworks which was originally designed for Perl, but can serve other languages. It has a rich number of tools ("harnesses") which parse TAP-formatted output and do useful things with it. TAP, however, is equally human-readable. The name cipra (pronounced /??i.p?a?/ "SHEE-prah") comes from the lojban phrase "lo cipra", which means "the test". It is properly written with an initial minuscule "c", even when at the start of a sentence.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Dec 2013 03:51

    Release Notes: A bug in the CMake Config.cmake file that prevented cipra from being found when a specific version is requested (even if the version is present) was fixed. This release should now also allow side-by-side installations of cipra 1.x and cipra 2.x (which is in development).

    •  14 Aug 2013 21:06

      Release Notes: This release adds support for variadic templates in MSVC11 (using the same macros as the standard library implementation). CIPRA_USE_VARIADIC_TEMPLATES no longer has any effect because of this. It also adds a CMake Config.cmake file so CMake projects can find cipra if if it is installed. There is also a fix to new_ok() on move only types.

      •  29 Apr 2013 04:39

        Release Notes: This release has switched to a CMake build system that automatically generates a pkg-config file and allows users to build documentation and examples, as well as install the library. To lower the barrier of entry, it adds a tutorial to the documentation to show how to use the API. It also adds traits class templates to allow users to specialize how to print and check for equality for their types.

        •  14 Apr 2013 01:06

          Release Notes: This is the first Freecode release.


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