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Cimbiote allows writing and running CIM providers written in Python. It is intended to make CIM development more accessible to developers. A good analogy is that Cimbiote is to CIM as mod_python is to Apache. Plugins are distributed as separate RPMs. Incoming CIM requests are routed through Cimbiote to the appropriate plugins and back into Cimbiote, allowing CIM plugins to be written without any C or C++ code, and, more importantly, without vast knowledge of CIM. Cimbiote plugins register MOF files like any other CIM provider, and are fully accessible over standard CIM tools like wbemxec and wbemcli.

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    27 Sep 2006 07:15 mpdehaan

    Re: What is CIM?

    25 Sep 2006 07:00 eeklund

    What is CIM?
    That's the question I asked myself when I read this. Looking into the web page at Red Hat didn't help, either.

    I found a CIM tutorial (http://, which has the following description:

    The Common Information Model (CIM) is conceptual information model for describing
    computing and business entities in internet, enterprise and service provider environments.
    It provides a consistent definition and structure of data , using object oriented techniques.
    The CIM includes expressions for common elements that must be clearly presented to
    management applications like object classes, properties, methods and associations to
    name a few. CIM uses a set of terminology specific to the model and the principles of
    object oriented programming. The standard language used to define elements of CIM is
    Managed Object Format (MOF).

    From a trifle more reading, it seems that it attempts to be some sort of SNMP replacement. Maybe. Sort of. Though it's hard to be sure. Of course, it's clear that it's object oriented and is involved in modelling and managing end-to-end components of a distributed hetrogenous network of - eh - I don't quite know what. Hardware or software or something. (I think it can be used for both, actually.)


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