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26 Dec 2004 21:29 mararsh

Release 0.07 corrects the fatal bugs in the former releases
There are some fatal bugs about privileges management in the former releases. User may not use SEE actually because of them.

New release also provides a new interface style. It is called "Beautiful flowers". All flowers are photoed by the author herself. :)

And the "Personal Messsge" function is supported now.

Please visit the homepage of SEE if you want to know more about what's new.

23 Dec 2004 19:17 mararsh

Fatal and stupid bugs in release 0.06! New release will coming
Oh~~~ I find so many stupid and fatal bugs now.

New release will come.

I wanted to release 0.10, which will supports database, at the mement when new year coming in several days ago.

Now a 0.07 release will be provided to correct bugs.

So sad when I find these bugs. They are BIG bugs!

21 Nov 2004 21:48 mararsh

Release 0.06 provides batch modification and new data
Now user can modify data in batch way.

And some new information structures are added.

26 Sep 2004 20:30 mararsh

Release 0.05 comes
This release was re-written 3 times.

You will see Matrix Table is a very useful type to show the information in direct way.

And trend chart will show your data changing with time going.

Other changes will be given in changelog.

Many data definition are changed!

26 Jul 2004 02:08 mararsh

Release 0.04 comes.
It corrects the serious bug that all pictures, uploaded files, and exported files can not got from the remote IP.

And it gives the introduction about how to make the linux which does not start X server to produce pictures correctly.

After I released it, I find the way to make linux without X to show Chinese in the pictures correctly!

Thanks for the following article!

I will give the introduction about this in the next release.

19 Jul 2004 20:58 mararsh

New release will come as soon as possible for correcting a bug
Resource URL are all wrong when use from remote IP!

They are all in absolute path of the server, so tomcat will not permit user to see them.

For example, when you install SEE on a computer and visit from another computer, you will not be able to get any temporary files created by SEE. So you can not export the data in txt or xml format, and you can not see the statistic charts!

An new release 0.04 will be created especially for correcting this bug. It will come as soon as possible.

14 Jul 2004 00:11 mararsh

Sorry for my poor English!
I sent it again. And if it fails to reach you, I will resubmit my release.
My English is so poor that English person may not understand what I want to express. So sad.
I will try my best to write English next time. :)

13 Jul 2004 23:05 scoop

Re: I do not know why my information about release 0.03 is pending now
We never received your reply. Please send it again. If you're still
having problems to reach us by email, resubmit your release with an
appropriate changelog.


13 Jul 2004 18:54 mararsh

I do not know why my information about release 0.03 is pending now
I gave the information about release 0.03 2 day ago. But it is keeping pending now.
I received a mail which told me my comment about release 0.03 is not good. So I wrote it again. But my mail of reply never reachs them. :(
I cannot know how to make the information about release 0.03 active!

13 Jul 2004 18:36 mararsh

Release 0.03 comes
It adds the following function:

1) General query.

You can setup query conditions with any items in your information by connecting them with 8 types of comparation operators.

2)General statistic.

You can select any items in your information to make count or cross-count. SEE will give you the statistic table with counting numbers and rates, and output corresponding pie-charts and histograms.

3)Function audit.

Now SEE will record the action of login.


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