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03 May 2001 10:38 carpy

Re: Install Fails-Caldera eD2.4
I apologize. I was looking online and not right in
front of my face in the README. Still, "gnome" is
kinda vague. Since I only have KDE, what parts of
gnome are required? Thanks!

03 May 2001 10:31 carpy

Install Fails-Caldera eD2.4
I run only KDE and have the GTK+ 1.2.6 libraries as
provided on the Caldera eDesktop 2.4 distro.
"make" fails with
/bin/sh: gnome-config: command not found
In file included from agent-map.h:27,
from cheops-agent.c:35:
/usr/include/glib.h:66: glibconfig.h: No such file or
make: *** [cheops-agent.o] Error 1

What are the requirements for CHEOPS-NG? I see
no documentation.

25 Feb 2001 11:42 toopriddy

Re: Tar Doesn't Work
Fixed... Sorry

> The Tar file doesn't work.

25 Feb 2001 10:11 brentlinuxwkuedu

Tar Doesn't Work
The Tar file doesn't work.


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