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Cheese Tracker is a program to create module music. It aims to have an interface and feature set similar to that of Impulse Tracker. It works on Unix systems and on Windows (using cygwin), but all the interface/audio code is fully modular and abstracted in individual classes, which should make the porting of this program to other platforms very easy.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Aug 2007 21:44

    Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs that caused previous versions to crash, freeze, not compile, or be partially or totally unusable, depending on the user's system.

    •  08 Aug 2007 05:35

      Release Notes: Support for Impulse Tracker's Ctrl+D selection command (Select 16 notes) was added. A bug that causes CheeseTracker to crash when working with selections was fixed.

      •  07 Aug 2007 00:45

        Release Notes: With the help of libaudiofile, this release supports many formats that had to be treated as raw in previous versions, and WAV files load better than in previous versions. Some of the formats now supported include AIFF/AIFF-C, AU, and .voc. ADPCM-compressed and IEEE floating-point WAV files can now be loaded correctly, and several bugs were fixed.

        •  06 Aug 2007 10:38

          Release Notes: A bug with selections in the Pattern Editor (F2) was fixed.

          •  05 Aug 2007 11:55

            Release Notes: This release adds full support for stereo samples to the next-most-recent release. Additionally, better-than-stereo samples can be loaded and saved correctly (in CheeseTracker (*.ct) modules only), although they are still played back in stereo. There have been 3 prior releases of CheeseTracker that have gone unannounced on Freshmeat. These releases add better keyboard support, and the ability to load 24-bit and greater WAV files (which are however degraded to 16 bits in the process).

            Recent comments

            10 Mar 2007 23:00 bugmenot

            Patch available to allow raw samples
            If anyone has samples from their old Impulse Tracker and Scream Tracker collections that they can't load into Cheese Tracker, here is a solution. This patch against the source code will make Cheese Tracker treat unknown sample types as raw:


            This isn't from the original author, as this project is apparently dead.

            10 Mar 2007 17:57 bugmenot

            Debian patch creates memory leak
            I just thought I'd bring this to everybody's attention. If you look at the very end of the diff, you might notice that the patch allocates "a buffer big enough for the data being read" but never frees that buffer.

            03 Nov 2005 05:31 beltundsund

            i grew up with fasttracker, and i like it!

            31 Oct 2003 17:41 reduz

            Re: progress

            > Perhaps
            > Juan would consider implenting some kind
            > of standard effects architecture so
            > users can write their own effects?

            You can find this in the last release

            04 Jul 2002 03:34 Spijon

            Re: ***NEW MANTAINER NEEDED!!!***

            I'd like this project to finish faster. So how can i help. Send some detailed information to me.


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