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Check is a unit test framework for C. It features a simple interface for defining unit tests, putting little in the way of the developer. Tests are run in a separate address space, so Check can catch both assertion failures and code errors that cause segmentation faults or other signals. The output from unit tests can be used within source code editors and IDEs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Oct 2002 14:21

    Release Notes: This release fixes the long-standing problem that too many calls to fail_unless() in a test-suite could fill up the pipe used for IPC. A couple of smaller memleaks were plugged. check.h can now be included into C++ code.

    •  24 May 2002 18:36

      Release Notes: This releases fixes a number of build problems.

      •  15 Apr 2002 12:57

        Release Notes: This release removes the limitations on line numbers and message and buffer sizes. It adds version information to the library and header file, and provides an autoconf macro for easy integration of Check into projects that use autoconf/automake.

        •  28 Oct 2001 16:46

          Release Notes: A nofork mode was added to allow easier debugging of unit tests. Fixtures were checked, and failures in setup/teardown will be caught. The backend was changed to allow easier testing and operation under Cygwin. Pipes are now used instead of SysV IPC. Some API changes were made, which will slightly break existing tests.

          •  24 Aug 2001 01:47

            Release Notes: A minor change to acinclude.m4 to allow configure to work under Solaris (and hopefully other systems for which /bin/sh isn't Bash).


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