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ChBg is for changing desktop backgrounds in a given period. It can render images with 10 modes (such as tiled, centered, scaled, etc.). It uses Imlib1, Imlib2, or gdk_pixbuf for loading images, so it supports many image formats. ChBg has a windowed setup program, is able to load setup files, can be used as slideshow picture previewer in its own window or as a desktop background, and can be used as screensaver or as an xscreensaver hack. It has a dialog for fast previewing of pictures and very usable thumbnail previews.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Aug 2001 20:06

    Release Notes: This version is able to work when Nautilus or KDE2 manages desktop backgrounds. It is able to generate pictures into a file instead of an X window. There are new config files for gnomecc screensaver-properties-capplet. It can now also be used for changing the background of terminals like rxvt, aterm, etc. There are also some minor bugfixes related to Enlightenment support and scenario file handling.

    •  18 Jul 2001 10:17

      Release Notes: Enhanced support for setting desktop background via Enlightenment WM. Improved code to support transparent terminal emulators. New picture randomizing code. Improvements of scenario saving code. Better cooperation with xscreensaver, and naturally some minor bug fixes.

      •  25 Jan 2001 20:21

        Release Notes: A new three-level composition model of creating a background picture based on background tiles with optional shading in the bottom layer, on regular pictures rendered in smart or center mode in the middle layer, and on banner pictures rendered in smart mode in the top layer. This version also contains support for free positioning of the picture in smart mode.

        •  21 Nov 2000 23:37

          Release Notes: Full support for pictures with alpha transparency, and fixes for several fatal bugs in the thumbnail preview dialog.

          •  05 Oct 2000 23:48

            Release Notes: The functionality of thumbnail preview dialogs has been improved. Dialogs have been added to batch scale, convert the format of, and rename pictures. There were some compatibility changes added to be able to compile chbg with gtk+-1.3 with the included gdk_pixbuf. There are some new shading effects. Support was added for setting the background image via the Enlightenment WM.


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