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CHARVA is a Java library that allows an application to display a GUI on a traditional text terminal (e.g., VT100). It uses GNU ncurses to handle the I/O to the terminal, and communicates with ncurses using a Java Native Interface (JNI) library. It works with any terminal which is supported by ncurses. CHARVA emulates the API of the Java AWT and Swing packages, so that a programmer who is familiar with Swing will find CHARVA easy to use.


Recent comments

05 Apr 2004 05:05 mc1011

charva doesn't support the I18N,for example, Chinese.

I fix it.

But I write Mr.pitman,but unsucessful.

How to subscribe the new version?

06 Jul 2002 19:58 bobmc

this project has great potential
Suppose projects which depend upon curses/ncurses
were written in Java, instead of C, and used Charva
for screen I/O. Then the platform details could be
hidden in the library making the application cleaner
and easier to maitain.

Moreover, if it was compilable with JCG performance
would be fine.



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