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changedfiles is a framework for filesystem replication, security monitoring, and/or automatic file transformations--essentially any application where you'd poll files or directories and either do something to them or send them somewhere else (or both). The difference is that the kernel tells you when they change instead of you having to poll. It's an easy real time FTP push mirror to one or multiple sites. It's also a full fledged MySQL client, so you can do realtime database operations (for example, batch imports). It consists of two parts: a kernel module (works with Linux kernel version 2.4) which reports to a device whenever a file on the filesystem changes, and a daemon which runs in user space and can be configured to do almost any action when a change to a file matching the one of the patterns it looks for is reported. The kernel module is SMP safe and has been tested on Intel, PowerPC, and Alpha.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Dec 2003 19:30

    Release Notes: MySQL client support and MySQL connection pooling have been added. Chown and chmod actions can be acted upon. A potentially bad bug in the kernel module has been resolved.

    •  25 Nov 2003 03:53

      Release Notes: The kernel module now builds and runs with gcc versions later than 3.2. A TIMEOUT of -1 now works as documented. A bad memory leak was fixed in the daemon. The EXEC action type was implemented (to spare the overhead of forking a shell).

      •  08 Jul 2003 20:50

        Release Notes: A bug in the command action that was causing all commands to return true even if they were still running or failed has been fixed. French documentation has been added. The autotools system has been updated to automake 1.6 for more uniform builds across platforms. A README-REDHAT with RedHat build hints has been added. Compiler warnings have been fixed.

        •  16 Jun 2003 23:12

          Release Notes: A fix for a significant kernel build problem (hanging up many distributions), and better dependency checking with autoconf.

          •  04 Jun 2003 21:11

            Release Notes: The config file syntax has been revamped. The action type needs to be specified now (FTP or SHELL), and the filename substitution keywords have been modified (__FILE__ instead of _FILE_). A module memory leak when nothing was reading from the device has been fixed, as well as a segfault on FTP command failure.


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