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Chakra Linux is a Linux distribution that combines the simplicity of Arch Linux with KDE. It is fast, user-friendly, and extremely powerful. It can be used as a live CD or installed to hard disk. Chakra is currently under heavy and active development. It features a graphical installer and automatic hardware configuration. Chakra provides a modular and tweaked package set of the KDE Software Compilation with a lot of useful additions. It features the concept of half-rolling releases and freshly cooked packages and bundles. It is designed for people who really want to learn something about Linux or don't want to deal with administrative overhead.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Apr 2013 22:26

    Release Notes: Tribe (the installer) now has a netinstaller feature, giving the user the option for a regular offline install, or to install fully-updated packages, starting with a minimal functional KDE desktop, and adding groups of packages to that minimal install as desired. The KDE Software Compilation has been updated to 4.10.1. Kapudan has launchers and improved systemd units activation handling. GFXboot has improved keyboard options. The "Dharma Grub" theme has been updated.

    •  29 Oct 2012 14:49

      Release Notes: Chakra GNU/Linux is making the switch to Systemd as its default with this release. Other updates include KDE software compilation 4.9.2, Linux kernel 3.5.6, Kmod 0.10, CUPS 1.6.1, D-Bus 1.6.4, Qt 4.8.3, and Calligra office suite 2.5.3.

      •  14 May 2012 19:50

        Release Notes: This release updates KDE to 4.8.3, adds a new toolchain including gcc 4.7 and glibc 2.15, updates the glib2 stack, includes the latest nvidia and catalyst, and updates the sqlite3/unixodbc/python group.

        •  20 Apr 2012 07:43

          Release Notes: This release brings the first stable release of the Calligra office suite, KDE software compilation 4.8.2, Linux kernel 3.2.8, Qt 4.8.1, an updated sound stack, krb5, phonon packages, and a switch from modulue-init-tools to kmod. From this release on, Chakra is no longer shipping a GUI for package management.

          •  18 Dec 2011 17:02

            Release Notes: KDE is updated to 4.7.4 and the kernel to Linux 3.1.4. The sound group has been rebuilt/updated, and the latest network management and mesa-stack are also included. Some minor enhancements you will find include a default search engine set in Rekonq, a switch to icontasks as the panel task-manager, and the inclusion of Tomyo-tools to provide a UI for MAC hardening.


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