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26 Mar 2013 20:01 jstanden

@g2mk Thanks for summarizing our licensing information! I'll edit the record to use the 'commercial' tag.

The editors tend to filter out pricing information in the descriptions (which makes perfect sense). It's front and center on our website. As you've mentioned, the software defaults to a single seat at no cost, and that's a perpetual license that will never expire. By filling out the quick intro survey after installation we bump that to 3 seats at zero cost -- and that contact information is just used to keep in touch about new project updates. We offer higher seat licenses at no cost to charities and open source projects. For commercial/educational/government use, we have paid seats. The license is perpetual, so the right to use the versions you've paid for will never expire. Seats may be renewed annually to provide a combination of support and software updates.

26 Mar 2013 19:52 jstanden

@simog Hi there. From the project information on the right, you'll notice that we've maintained a record here for 11 years. Our project is commercial open source. The full source code is on GitHub under a permissive license, which has always been permitted here. The brand on Freshmeat changing to _Freecode_ is very recent compared to how long we've used the site, but I believe that their use of 'free' continues to refer to liberty and not zero cost.

20 Feb 2013 08:54 aamoruso

The software is very nice indeed, but sadly it isn't a free one. It's commercial open source.

01 Feb 2013 19:13 g2mk

Tagging this kind of software as commercial (or something) would allow to save some time... Here is (below) essential - but unfortunately not quite easy to find - licensing information:

"Seats determine the maximum number of workers that can use the software at the same time."


In the final step of the installer you are given the opportunity to introduce yourself to the Cerb development team in exchange for a free 3 seat (simultaneous workers) license to help you get started. There are no strings attached. This free license provides full functionality, with no expiration, but it does not include future updates. We hope that you find the software useful, and we’re looking forward to growing along with you.

If you choose not to register your copy of Cerb then the software will default to Free Mode which is limited to a single seat but has no other restrictions.

Complete the short survey in exchange for your free license and then click the Register button."

26 Jan 2013 22:02 simog

This site is called freecode. Not free advertising for your paid application.

09 Sep 2004 15:43 bhalsted

Re: Admins should add more trove topic
Thanks! I've updated the trove categories.

Thanks for the suggestion!

09 Sep 2004 10:44 myersnfred

Admins should add more tove topic
They should add

"Information Management :: Issue Tracking"


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