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Cellular Explorer

Cellular Explorer is designed to be a highly flexible editor for the creation of cellular automata. Supported rules include the outer-totalistic binary rules (like Conway's Game of Life), the Wolfram elementary rules, and a variety of others. The rules can be used by themselves or mixed together to create higher complexity automata, and the individual cells are highly customizable. Automata can also have a few meta-rules that influence overall behaviour. Three different rendering modes are available to watch the automata evolve.

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Recent releases

  •  18 May 2014 23:01

    Release Notes: This release adds three new Cell Types, two new Brushes, and improvements to the UI. Cells now have defined input and output modes. The new cells are as follows: The Average Cell averages the states of its neighbors. The Min Cell takes on the lowest state among its neighbors. The Max Cell takes on the highest state from among its neighbors. The vonNeumann and the Extended vonNeumann brushes correspond to the neighborhoods of the same names. The Gradient mode has been changed so that positive states appear in red, and negative states are still blue.


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