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CElect is a console-based tool for determining a social preference ordering, such as an elected candidate or choice in a single-winner election, or the preferred composition of a multi-member council, based on a list of individual preference orderings (ballots) over the candidates or choices. It can also calculate the winner and social ordering when given a Condorcet matrix and list of candidates, though it is in that case limited to Condorcet methods. Of single-winner methods, it supports Dodgson, Simpson, Tideman/wv, first and second-order Copeland, and Schulze (all Condorcet methods), and FPTP, Borda, 1/n Borda, Hare, Nanson, and 1/n Nanson. Of proportional representation, it supports CPO-STV, CFPRM, and D'Hondt without lists.

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A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


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TurnKey TWiki Appliance

A TWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.