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CDRX is a menu-based Perl script designed to help you use your CDRW with mkisofs and cdrecord to handle ISO creation, CDROM/CDRW device scans and setup, CDRW blanking, and CDRW burns. It is designed to supplant the need for an X-based CD burning utility, to provide features not found in other Unix CD burning programs, and to be easy for beginners to use.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Nov 2002 15:05

    Release Notes: There is a bugfix to comply with POSIX regular expressions. This appears to be relevant to Red Hat 8.0 systems. Also of note is that the tarball now decompresses everything into a cdrx-(version) directory, rather than dumping everything into the current directory.

    •  19 Jan 2002 10:25

      Release Notes: A regex/error-checking problem, found in the burning subroutines of some drives, where non-empty or missing cdr/w blanks were not caught during the burn process has been fixed.

      •  18 Jan 2002 07:21

        Release Notes: With this release, the entire program has been rewritten in Perl "strict" mode. The "intro" screen now only appears during fresh installs (or whenever it doesn't find the settings file). CDRX now supports multiple SCSI buses, and checks to ensure /var/db actually exists, doing a mkdir if necessary. Full status output during blanks, burns, etc. now goes to standard output.

        •  21 Dec 2001 05:40

          Release Notes: Minor fixes for some temporary ISO creation subroutines. Users may have noticed ISO creation or deletion (of temporary file) problems when creating ISOs by hand (versus a CD-to-CD copy).

          •  19 Nov 2001 19:32

            Release Notes: This release fixes an ISO listing error caused by a missing call to db_handle(). This affects users that burn from an existing ISO to CD-R/W.


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