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cdctl is a program similar to eject. Like eject, it can eject your CD-ROM/DVD drive, but it does a whole lot more. Cdctl provides a user interface to the 2.2 kernel's uniform cdrom driver's ioctl calls, and most 2.0 cdrom drivers (ide-cd and scsi). Cdctl is also capable of doing everything a regular console cd player can as well as drive capability interrogation, autoeject setting, maximum/mininum speed cap setting, disc-changer disc selection, disc status readback, MCN querying, table of contents header readback, track header readback, and much more.


Recent releases

  •  27 Mar 2000 07:12

    Release Notes: ISO header readback and many bugfixes.

    •  07 Sep 1999 00:17

      Release Notes: Man page, GNU autoconf, i18n infrastructure and beginning of German l10n, "eject" symlink support, drive door locking, autoeject support, documentation updates, and a pile of bugfixes.

      •  30 Aug 1999 22:40

        Release Notes: Added speed selection options, created CVS tree, initial framework for locking the cdrom drive, a few bugs fixed, tested on a few more drives.

        •  03 Jun 1999 08:52

          Release Notes: Added -m switch to get the UPC (MCN) code from the cd in the drive and updated docs with some responses from Jens Axboe, the Linux cdrom driver maintainer.

          •  31 May 1999 16:35

            Release Notes: Added -l and -g options, CDROM environment variable exhibits more intelligent behaviour, track listing (toc entries and the whole toc), and data/audio track identification, infrastructure for CDDB checksumming implemented, and CDDB license application submitted.


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